Bauer KEYLESS Travel Trailer Lock

$203.99 $159.99

Bauer Electric Travel Trailer Lock - NE

Keys? Who needs keys! They do not require keys to lock and unlock, but just in case you will also get some and of course it will be key this one alike as well!

  • No wiring needed; uses 4 AA batteries (not included) It's retro-fit-able in most RV entry doors and it's easy to install Programmable with a 4 digit PIN number The large buttons are easy to see and use Proximity sensing which illuminates the buttons
  • Self-contained electronic RV latch with Capacitive Touch Technology
  • Offers hassle free touch pad access: no key or fob to carry with you
  • An integral touch pad to the latch which controls the dead bolt
  • The key will always be able to operate the paddle or dead bolt lock in case of the user forgetting the code or having a dead battery, 8 inch x 5 inch x 4 inch