Before you order, check out our tips to make sure you have what you need to get the right locks the first time!


There are several different manufacturers for the many different locks. If your entry door locks are not Bauer, you will need to order new ones. Same with the cams, slams, ect.... If you have questions feel free to ask or techs for help anytime.


Travel trailers and motor homes use different style locks. REKEY only uses high quality Bauer locks, just like many manufacturers such as Jayco, Forest River, and Keystone use. The locks fit MOST standard travel trailer doors with out modifications, just make sure you order 2 if you have 2 doors.....sorry to add, they will not work with motorhomes.

Tip # 2 - Baggage doors and Cams can be a challenge.....

Make sure to measure the length of the cams before you order. Its easy to guess the whole trailer has the same cams, but sometimes not. Some bunk doors might have a 1-1/8" length cams and the next bunk door might only be 7/8". We want you to be as pleased as we are when you receive your order as when you placed it. Reusing your baggage locks cams is advised to help with fit issues. Sometimes you have the grind or file off the old baggage locks cams to remove them. 

Tip # 3 - How to measure a cam/baggage lock for correct fit.


Tip # 4 - Remember, it is changing the entire lock so they might not perfectly fit. 

Sometimes even with great engineering a lock might not fit exactly and modifications may be necessary. We suggest a certified RV technician perform modification to your coach if needed. Locks are engineered to the commonly used size and shapes, however all coach manufacturer may not use the same tolerances. Modifying ANY lock or cam will void all warranties and return claims.

Tip # 5 - A Few locks that are in the works, but cannot be keyed a like.

Bauer and Re-key work hard to get you a solution to all your needs, but there are some locks that cannot be done. Here are a few that cannot be keyed a like as they are not made by Bauer. Replacements are in the works, and check back for new items often!!!
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